Don't be a victim. First, NEVER give your online or mobile banking login information to a 3rd party.  Second, legitimate offers WILL NOT require you to immediately send funds back, especially in the form of gift cards or Western Union. Last, if you have a dire need go to a trusted partner or an in person shop. 

Recently we've seen an increase in fraudulent deposits, most coming through remote deposit capture. During our investigations, we've learned that members are responding to calls and emails from fraudsters posing as "loan companies". These people are contacting our members with a loan approval and offering to directly deposit the "loan funds" through their online or mobile app. So far what we have determined is these members were searching the internet for small loans, like payday loans, and were then contacted with an approval; although the members say they didn't actually apply for a loan. If this happens you should STOP and investigate.  If you haven't officially applied for a loan, why are they contacting you? Are they a trusted partner and source? Remember, not all internet sites are safe! Then, the member is asked to provide either 1-complete login information and further authentification information to perform transactions or 2-to provide remote access for the "loan company" to access/take control over the member's device. STOP IMMEDIATELY and disengage the conversation! Your secure login information is for your use only and should NEVER be shared with a third party. Finally, the members who have fallen victim to these scams receive a "remote deposit check" into their account . The payer of the checks do not match the loan company and are returned within days of deposit as NSF. In the meantime, the members are told to purchase gift cards and the gift card number and secure code on the back of the card are sent to the "loan company" and in a couple of cases the member was told to Western Union the funds. Once this happens the money is gone and the member is left with an NSF deposit and owing the credit union for the funds they've already used. 

If you think you've fallen victim to an online scam, contact your financial institution immediately to minimize the loss and protect yourself.  If you've given your online or mobile account information, immediately go and change your username and password.  Take control of the situation as quickly as possible.  



Refinance Q&A

Q: What do I need in order to refinance my vehicle loan with Maple?

A: In order to refinance your vehicle with Maple you will need to provide:

  1. A copy of your vehicle registration
  2. A copy of your most recent current finance account statement
  3. A copy of your original purchase agreement and finance documents

Q: Why do I need these documents?

A: First, we need to make sure that the vehicle was recorded property and that the current financial institution can turn over the documents to us so we can record our lien.  The other documents allow us to find ways to help you save money!  Most often GAP policies are much more costly through the dealer than with us and those policies cover the original loan, not the refinance.  Once you have these documents you are ready to apply.

Q: How do I get these documents to Maple?

A: These documents can be faxed to 337-233-6234, emailed, or dropped off at our off at 105 Toledo Drive in Lafayette.  Choose whichever process is easier for you.  

Q: Does it cost anything for me to refinance with Maple?

A: The only additional cost to you is 50% of the DMV fee which is currently $57.50.  This fee can be included in the financing for all qualified borrowers.  




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