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Maple Federal Credit Union was chartered on April 21, 1955 under then name Lafayette City Employees Federal Credit Union. The name has changed three times since inception—Lafayette Parish Municipal and Parochial Employees Credit Union, then MAPEL Federal Credit Union (Municipal and Parochial Employees of Lafayette) and finally in January 2004 to Maple Federal Credit Union. From our humble roots, Maple has grown into a full service credit union serving over 5,100 members with a variety of deposit and loan products.

Our friendly and dedicated staff, with over 55 years of combined financial services experience is here to serve you daily. The Maple FCU Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members are volunteers from within the Maple field of membership. Next to their names below is the year they were elected or appointed to their leadership post with Maple. All of our volunteers are dedicated and committed to Maple’s success and have shown tremendous leadership throughout the years. Your Volunteers and Staff are listed below.

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Board of Directors Supervisory Committee
Jay Castille, Chairman (2001) Lisa Hogan, Chairperson (2012)
Vickie Opper, Vice-Chairwoman(2012) P. Vaughn Burris (2017)
Alison Alleman, Secretary/Treasurer (1994) Laketa Glenn (2011)
David Baldridge (1998) Dabne Dover (2015)
Lisa Hogan, (2012) Lisa Sampe (2012)
Kenny Duhon (2007)  
James Moore, (2009)


Pamela R. Stelly, CEO (2005)  pamelas@maplefcu.net
Tara Breaux, Vice President Member Services (2004)
Rachael Abrams, Member Services (2015) rachaela@maplefcu.net
Misti Gravouia, Loan Officer (2012) mistig@maplefcu.net
Malana Lavigne, Loan Officer (2018) malanal@maplefcu.net
Hailey Daigrepont, MSR (2013) haileyr@maplefcu.net
Cara Landreneau, MSR (2018)  
Lemara Richmond, MSR (2012)  
  Updated 5/23/18
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