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Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Thursday, April 9th, 2020
Regular Share Account Excess Fee Withdrawl $5.00/withdrawal after 12 per calendar year (waived with share draft account)
NSF $28.00 (returned unpaid)
Negative Balance $28.00 (item paid, account overdrawn)
Reprocess Item $10.00/ exception item deposit made prior to NSF deadline
Christmas Club Early Closeout 35.00
Stop Payment $28.00
Debit Card Dispute $10.00
Share Draft Photocopy $3.00/item
Overdraft Transfer $5.00/day (limit 6 per month, after 6 negative balance fee applies)
Return Deposit Item $10.00
Mailed check request $2.00
ACH Origination one time setup $5.00
Wire Transfer (Domestic) $20.00
Wire Transfer (Foreign) $35.00
Temporary Checks $3.00 per sheet of 4
Statement Printout $3.00/Month
Money Order Fee $2.00
NSF Check conversion (non-member) $5.00
Bad Address $5.00
Dormant Account $5.00 per month
Account early closing (within 6 months) $10.00
Account Reopening $20.00
Debit / VISA Card Replacement $12.00
Debit/Visa PIN replacement (ordered) $5.00
Loan Late Fee $25.00
Credit Card Late Payment $25.00
Credit Card Overlimit Fee $15.00
Credit Card ICUL Phone Payment Fee $10.00
Notary $20.00
Tax Levy $50.00

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