Loans & Credit Cards

Need a loan?  Whether you are borrowing for necessity or pleasure, Maple FCU has the loan to fit your needs.  Contact our Loan Officers Misti or Malana with your loan questions.  They will be happy to find the product to get you the help that you need. 

Maple FCU Visa account access online is available at  Make payments, balance transfers, view statements and transaction history, and much more available through the portal.  Sign up today!

We are often asked "Is checking my credit report a good idea?".  Yes it is.  Identity theft continues to be a problem; reviewing your credit report at least annually allows you to stay on top of any issues that come up.  Plus, creditors can mistakenly report credit information about you that could affect your ability to borrow in the future or cause you to pay a higher rate.  Visit to receive your free credit report.  If you need help reviewing your report we'll be happy to take a look with you...all you have to do is ask!


Loan Products Offered:

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit:

Bounce protection for your share draft account can save you money and heartache for that occasional mistake in your checking account. 


Personal loans up to $20,000

Whatever your needs are whether it is debt consolidation, home repairs, honey-do’s, etcetera—our personal loan program is sure to fit your needs. Maple FCU offers personal loans up to $20,000 depending on qualifying criteria. 


Vehicle Loans

  • New & Used Auto
  • New & Used Motorcycles
  • New & Used Boats
  • New & Used Campers & RV’s
  • New & Used Recreational Vehicles

Maple FCU offers up to 100% financing (to qualified borrowers) on all vehicle types. Terms vary depending on the age of the vehicle. New vehicles are defined as future, current or one (1) year old model with less than 25,000 miles (if applicable) and must come with new or remaining factory warranty (no reconstructed vehicles).


Share Secured Loans

  • Shares Secured loan
  • Share Certificate Secured loan
  • Share Secured VISA

You may borrow up to 100% against your available shares as security for a share or share certificate (CD) loan. Rates paid will be 2% above the paying rate on your share or share certificate account (except for share secured VISA which holds the same rate as the traditional VISA). This is a great way to borrow—making your money work for you.



Use your Maple FCU VISA for your everyday needs and have the flexibility and backing of VISA at your fingertips. 

Beginner Loans

  • Beginner Personal loan
  • Beginner VISA

Beginner loans are great for our young adult members, especially students who are college bound.  This product allows members to build a strong credit relationship without the burden of a co-signer.  Gain independence, build a financial relationship and start building credit...the right way...with a beginner loan from Maple FCU.

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