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Find the right loan to fit your needs with a Maple FCU personal loan.  No credit, no problem! We can start you with a beginner loan to help you build credit...the right way! Need money for a special project or tp consolidate bills into one affordable payment? We can lead you in the right direction! Take a look at what we have to offer.

Personal loans up to $20,000

  • Competitive rates based on your individual credit and needs

  • Terms to make your payment affordable.

Beginner Loans

Maple FCU wants to help our members establish credit the right way. Small loans with short terms will help you get used to making recurring payments and will allow your credit score to build on both sides of the credit portfolio.  This loan is tailor made for our young workforce and for those who have been cash users only. 

  • Loan amounts up to $1,000 (first loans begin at $500)
  • Installment and revolving VISA credit lines available
  • Affordable rates and terms

Share Secured Loans

Let your money on deposit work for you.  

  • Share Secured loan - borrow against your available regular share savings account.
  • Share Certificate Secured loan - borrow against your share certificate account.
  • Share Secured VISA - pledge available funds in your regular share account. 
  • You may borrow up to 100% against your available shares as security for a share or share certificate (CD) loan.
  • Rates paid will be 2% above the interest rate on your share or share certificate account (except for share secured VISA which holds the same rate as the traditional VISA). 


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