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Savings & Checking

Credit Unions in general, were founded on the basis of shares and loans, however through the years members have come to want more than the basics.  Couple our deposit accounts with the many valuable member services Maple FCU offers and you'll find Maple has everything you need.  Want to know more about our products and services? Contact Tara or Rachael for your account needs.

Share (Savings)

Every credit union relationship begins with a share account. A $5.00 minimum balance must be maintained in your share account to be eligible for all of Maple FCU’s products and services. Did you know that you can borrow against the money in your share account...and at an unbelievable rate?  Share secured loans are a great way to build or rebuild your credit!

Share Draft (Checking)

A share draft account with NO monthly service charges, NO minimum balance requirement, unlimited check writing, AND electronic access…what could be better? Access your share draft account by check or use our Qwik Cash Visa Debit card. Share draft accounts may be covered by overdraft protection transfers from share accounts or from an approved overdraft protection line of credit.  Again, partner the share draft account with Instant Maple online or mobile banking and estatements and you've found real ease and convenience.


Christmas Club

There is no better time than now to start a Christmas Club account.  Christmas Club accounts are a great way to prepare for those big Santa expenses!  Officially the club accounts begin on October 1st and matures on September 30th of each year with account funds automatically transferring to the adjoining regular share account on October 1st.  Payroll deduction is the easiest way to deposit to the Christmas Club account, however deposits are accepted over the counter or through ACH (automated clearing house). Club accounts are for a set maturity, therefore if you wish to close your account prior to the maturity date you will be assessed a $35 early withdrawal fee and the account will be closed until the next Club account cycle begins. 

Share Certificates

Maple FCU offers six (6), twelve (12) and twenty four (24) month certificates. A $1,000 minimum opening deposit is required unless otherwise stated on special offerings. Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly. Early withdrawal penalties are based on the term of the account as follows: Term of one (1) year or less = penalty of 30 days’ dividends. Term of more than one (1) year = penalty of 90 days' dividends. Certificates will automatically rollover to the paying rate at the certificates’ maturity unless otherwise specified prior to its maturity. Maturity notices will be sent at least ten (10) days prior to the certificates maturity. Share Certificates may be pledged as collateral on a Maple FCU loan and will have an annual percentage rate of 2.0% above the paying rate of the certificate.

We also offer Jumbo Share Certificates (minimum $100,000 opening deposit) and Mini-Jumbo Share Certificatess (minimum $50,000 opening deposit)! Depending on the type and term you could earn up to .75% higher than regular CD rates!

IRA Savings (Individual Retirement Account)

An IRA savings is a simple retirement investment earning an above average rate. It works just like a regular savings, except for the deposit and withdrawal limitations set forth by federal regulations. Perfect for members just beginning retirement planning; an IRA could be just what you need.

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