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Effective Date: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
New Auto 72 Months 2.85%
Used Auto all terms 3.25%
New Camper 144 Months 5.25%
New Motorcycle 72 Months 4.75%
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*APR: Annual Percentage Rate
**APY: Annual Percentage Yeild

Progress!  Our daily downtime at 3 pm is a thing of the PAST!

End of day processing has been moved to nighttime which means no more waiting for the computers to finish processing at 3 pm!  As a result, we have streamlined next day direct deposit credits to post at 3:30 pm.  We have piloted this process since our upgrade in early August and we are pleased with the performance. Our goal was to give our members more efficient access without changing the availability of next day ACH credits.  We are happy to report we have accomplished both! 


 A little earlier...

Maple FCU now opens at 8:30 am daily in both the drive thru AND the lobby!


Interested in becoming a member of Maple FCU?  

Click here to see if you are eligible for membership in Maple FCU.  New accounts may be opened during lobby hours, however we will not open new membership accounts within 30 minutes of closing.  What should you bring to open your new account?  Your state issued identification or driver's license showing the correct residential address and your social security card.  New member opening share deposit is $5.  If you have questions regarding membership or opening requirements, Tara or Rachael will be happy to help you.


Rates continue at low, low rates.  Whether you need (or want) a new vehicle, camper, boat...we are sure to have a great rate to suit you!  Plus, you can lower your rate by choosing payroll deduction or auto pay!  Contact Misti or Bridget for all of your loan needs. 


A few things worth noting...

For members who call for account information, you will be required to verify non-traditional information on your account BEFORE we will give you information. This has been instituted to protect the privacy of your account information. 

Maple continues the tradition of running our end of day switch at 3 pm daily.  Our computers are unavailable for approximately 30 minutes while the process runs.  Debit cards and online banking are unavailable for parts of this processing time.  Most of our members are well aware of this process, but for those of you who are not please plan around this processing schedule.  Processing at this time allows us to give advanced credit on ACH deposits which benefits the majority of our members.

New e-mail addresses:  Please see the contact us page for new email contacts! Please remove any accounts using the addresses as they will be obsolete shortly. 


Mobile Banking

 Available as an Apple iTunes or Google Play Android download on acceptable mobile devices.   

Members are loving the new Maple Mobile app that we introduced last  year.  Quick, easy and at your fingertips!  The vastly improved mobile app for Maple Mobile enhances your online experience by providing a simpler screen layout, easier site  navigation and more of the requested information available at your fingertips.  Most importantly, Maple Mobile users can view pending debit card transactions, pending ACH postings (deposits and payments) and holds on the account.  The app is free and activation is super easy!  Follow the on screen prompts and get started today!  As always, Maple members must sign up in writing for online or mobile access.  To sign up for online and mobile access, call us at 337-233-6264 or email Tara!  We are very pleased with this enhancement to our services! Enjoy this benefit of your membership with Maple FCU!


Watch this You Tube video to get a simple, but accurate comparison of banks and credit unions:

Leave it to kids to keep things fun and entertaining while share this worthwhile message-we are simply THE better choice!


Don't forget the convenience of Shared Branching!

The three (3) Lafayette shared branching locations are:

  1. First Pioneers FCU   2235 South College Rd. Extension  (just off Kaliste Saloom Rd.) Lafayette, 70508  337-233-8833

  2. Section 705 FCU      1455 W. Willow St., Lafayette, LA 70506  337-232-8450

  3. Bayou FCU                505 Guilbeau Rd., Lafayette, LA 70506

To locate CU Service Center locations elsewhere, visit or call 1-800-919-2872. 

You will see many new faces using Maple FCU, because just as you are able to use other credit unions their members will use Maple FCU!  We hope you find the CU Service Center network of credit unions a valuable resource for your financial transactions!




























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