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Effective Date: Sunday, April 21st, 2019
New Auto up to 75 months 3.25%
Used Auto all terms 3.75%
New Boat/Camper up to 180 months 5.75%
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*APR: Annual Percentage Rate
**APY: Annual Percentage Yeild

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Maple FCU's mission is to help our members achieve their financial goals.


Lucky Lagniappe SavingsBuild your savings and have a chance to WIN with Maple's Lucky Lagniappe Savings!

Lucky Lagniappe Savings is a prize-linked savings account at Maple Federal Credit Union started in 2018 in conjunction with other credit unions throughout Louisiana.  Lucky Lagniappe Savings offers prize drawing entries in return for each time you increase your savings balance by $20 (up to 5 entries per month)*.  Prize drawings occur monthly, quarterly and annually so the more you save, the more chances you have to win! You could even end up winning the grand prize of $5,000!  What better way to increase or better your savings than by doing so with a chance to win more money?  Ready to open your Lucky Lagniappe Savings and increase your chance of winning money? Give us a call at 337-233-6264 or email Tara or Rachael to get you started!  



Our Most Recent Lucky Lagnaippe WINNERS are Timothy Stark. and Jim Moore.! $100 winners! We are on a hot streak ya'll!

Lucky Lagniappe...where SAVING money gives you the best chance to WIN money!




Did you know...



Debit Card Fraud Verification Number 1-888-241-2440

(Card Member Security)

Save this number in your contacts now so that you know you are hearing from a legitimate agency on behalf of us here at Maple FCU.  Maple FCU cardholders are part of the Falcon Fraud Network which monitors debit card accounts for possible fraud.  Falcon will contact you by phone, text or possibly email to confirm transactions that trigger as potential fraud.  Responding through this agency will result in a faster response time for card blocking/unblocking and new card issuance. 

A few things worth noting...

For members who call for account information, you will be required to verify non-traditional information on your account BEFORE we will give you information. This has been instituted to protect the privacy of your account information. 

New accounts are always welcome, however we will not open new membership accounts within 30 minutes of the lobby closing time.

Interested in opening a new account with Maple FCU?  Qualified members should bring your state issued identification or driver's license showing the correct residential address and your social security card.  New member opening share deposit is $5.  If you have questions regarding membership or opening requirements, Tara or Rachael will be happy to help you.


Equal Housing Lender National Credit Union Administration