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Effective Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
New Auto up to 75 months 2.90%
Used Auto all terms 3.00%
New Boat/Camper up to 180 months 4.75%
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*APR: Annual Percentage Rate
**APY: Annual Percentage Yeild

Scam Alert!

If you have received a Secret Shopper letter and the check is issued from Maple Federal Credit Union, please destroy the item immediately.  This is a fraudulent item and will be returned unpaid.  No one should issue you a check and ask you to deposit it and return ANY portion of the check to them.  If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is!  


Maple FCU Annual Scholarship

The annual Maple FCU Scholarship committee is now accepting applications.  Application deadline is March 9, 2018 and will be awarded during our annual membership meeting on March 21, 2018.  Maple FCU awards 4 applicants with a combined total of $5,000 in scholarships.  For application information including eligibility, requirements and deadline click here. For questions regarding scholarships that are not answered in the packet, please email Tara Breaux.  

Maple FCU Annual Membership Meeting

March 21, 2018

Registration is open for our Annual Membership meeting to be held at the Robicheaux Center.  Download the membership notice and return by March 16, 2018! 

Grand prize is $1000 CASH!  Additional cash prizes will be awarded along with announcing our 2018 Scholarship winners.


Jason's Deli Data Breach

On Monday, July 29, 2018 we received a large list of Maple FCU debit card holders who have used their Maple card between June 8 and December 29, 2017 at Jason's Deli when the breach occured.  We have already seen a large amount of fraud against several of these cardholders.  If you know you have used your card at any Jason's around the country and want to be proactive, feel free to call us to be proactive.  We will be calling every cardholder on the list this week and ordering replacements!  As always, we appreciate your patience!  

Other News!

Update your Instant Maple Mobile App for great new features! Updated 8/30/17

Maple FCU received a software upgrade of our core credit union software August 7th.  We've been waiting on this one with excitement!  This one includes efficiencies and compliments our newly implemented internet banking platform and electronic document process.  Did you catch that?  New internet banking!   Electronic document SIGNING AND SENDING!  It is an especially GREAT time to be a Maple FCU member!

Choose this link to view a tutorial video on our enhanced Instant Maple internet banking.

If you are not signed up for internet banking yet, use the online enrollment link to send a request and we will get you set up. Already an internet or mobile app user? Simply log in and see all the exciting enhancements! Most notable is the banking platform looks the same regardless of your access point (mobile phone, tablet or pc) and your options have increased!  You can now apply for a loan inside your internet banking account through a link that pre-fills some of the loan data and it imports directly into our system helping to speed up the processing!  

Did you know...

Debit Card Fraud Verification Number 1-888-241-2440

(Card Member Security)

Save this number in your contacts now so that you know you are hearing from a legitimate agency on behalf of us here at Maple FCU.  Maple FCU cardholders are part of the Falcon Fraud Network which monitors debit card accounts for possible fraud.  Falcon will contact you by phone, text or possibly email to confirm transactions that trigger as potential fraud.  Responding through this agency will result in a faster response time for card blocking/unblocking and new card issuance. 


A few things worth noting...

For members who call for account information, you will be required to verify non-traditional information on your account BEFORE we will give you information. This has been instituted to protect the privacy of your account information. 

New accounts are always welcome, however we will not open new membership accounts within 30 minutes of the lobby closing time.

Interested in opening a new account with Maple FCU?  Qualified members should bring your state issued identification or driver's license showing the correct residential address and your social security card.  New member opening share deposit is $5.  If you have questions regarding membership or opening requirements, Tara or Rachael will be happy to help you.



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