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How To Tip in Different Situations

Tipping does not only let you show your appreciation to a delivery person or server’s hard work. You’re also helping them settle their monthly bill or pay for their tuition fee. However, you might still be unsure when you should tip and how much you should tip in various situations. Below you’ll learn more about tipping, so keep scrolling!

Server at a Restaurant

Many servers earn about $2 per hour. Tipping them 20% makes a huge difference. Did their service exceed your expectations? Increase your tip to 25%! You may never know the impact your kind gesture has on the server’s life, but you can feel confident the tip you give is appreciated.

Buffet Restaurant

Although you serve yourself at a buffet restaurant, serves still refill your drinks. They also prepare clean plates and cups for you, which is no small feat considering the number of plates the average patron uses. Consider tipping your server at least 10%. If they showed superb service, or if you are feeling generous, then don’t hesitate to increase the amount you leave!


Sure, you may put in the leg work to pick up your food, but takeout means you aren’t the one cooking dinner. All you have to do is pay and then grab the bag from the counter. (The bag probably has the cutlery and napkins you need, too!) You’ve got plenty of reasons to be grateful. Tip about 10% to make sure the server’s day is a little brighter, too.


Thanks to hardworking deliverers, your cravings for everything from fresh, hot pizza to the best egg rolls your town has to offer can be satisfied. Tip them 10% for poor service, 15% for normal service, and 20% for exemplary service. (Consider tipping a little extra if they battle through bad weather to deliver your meal safely to your door.) Traditionally, deliverers are not tipped less than $2.

Coffee Barista

While you’re not required to tip coffee baristas, a small act of kindness can go a long way. Place a dollar in the tip jar before you enjoy your coffee. Chances are you’ll make your favorite barista feel appreciated for their hard work.


Wondering if you still need to tip a bartender? Of course! Preparing your favorite drink takes talent, so honor their craft by giving at least $1 to $2 per drink or 15% to 18% on the total tab.

Hairstylist or Barber

Getting a haircut or new hairstyle is one of the best ways to pamper yourself. Give your favorite hairstylist or barber a 20% to 25% tip. After all, they help you look younger and more confident!

Tattoo Artist

Not everyone can draw that permanent, beautiful, and unique piece of art on your body. Given this, tattoo artists deserve to receive a 20% tip. If you love how your tattoo turned out, why not tip more?


Manicures are right up there with haircuts when it comes to pampering yourself. Tip your nail technician the same way you would a hairstylist. After all, they are keeping your nails clean and colorful.

Uber/Lyft/Taxi Driver

Not sure how much to tip an Uber, Lyft, or taxi driver? Around 15% to 20% will do. If you had a great ride, and your destination is a bit far, then feel free to raise your tip.


While tipping provides an avenue for you to applaud good service, it also is the way workers like servers and deliverers make the bulk of their income. So, whether you are tipping a barista or a nail tech, consider giving 10% to 25%. When in doubt, just be more generous!


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